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Videos to help new and young cyclists

As part of LCC’s campaign to help new cyclists we’ve put together a series of links to well-made videos (see below) about teaching children to ride bikes.

Whether you are individuals and families out for our daily exercise, or key workers traveling to destinations, you must have noticed the upsurge in new cyclists and children cycling.

With hardly any motor traffic on residential streets parents and carers are no longer as worried about cycling with younger children, while key workers are choosing to cycle to keep their distance from others while travelling to work by bike.

To make sure your child, or indeed anyone new to cycling on urban roads, has an enjoyable and safe experience you may wish to look at the training steps of the national Bikeability programme which, under normal circumstances, is run in schools and in special sessions for adults. These video clips, split into stages, were made for Cycle Scotland.

Bikeability level 1 is set in a traffic free environment and teaches basic bike checks and control skills.

Bikeability level 2 is conducted on road and teaches how to negotiate simpler junctions and less busy road environments.

Bikeability level 3 – not covered by these videos, teaches journey planning and negotiation of more complex junctions.

When schools reopen and Bikeablity traning resumes you may wish to ask at your chldren’s school whether sessions are being conducted (they usually take place in primary school in years 5 and 6).

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