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Woman cycling with big group of women over Westminster Bridge at protest ride

Westminster's £35m for active travel

Westminster City Council announces a huge investment in walking, cycling & public transport

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A step change for Westminster

The following article is reproduced from the website of Westminster Cycling Campaign, LCC’s group in Westminster

Westminster City Council’s welcome new attitude to active travel was highlighted this week when it announced a £35 million investment in walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport. This will be spent over the next three years on measures like high-quality cycle infrastructure, a thousand new cycle hangar spaces, dockless bike parking bays, redesigned dangerous junctions and school streets. While we have yet to examine the detail, it’s clearly a bold step change in a borough where for decades we have seen inaction on and opposition to cycle schemes.

Action on climate

As Westminster Cycling Campaign, we’re especially pleased to see the references to our Climate Safe Streets asks, which council leader Adam Hug pledged to in the run-up to last year’s local elections.

Our first Climate Safe Streets ask, on the cycle network:

“By 2026, at least 75% of residents in Westminster will live within 400m of a cycle route that meets the highest standard, to create a network that is safe and inclusive for all.”

From the council announcement:

“15km of new or upgraded cycle lanes, which will result in almost all residents living within 400m of a high-quality cycle route by the end of 2025.”

Our ask on cycle parking:

“By 2026, there will be sufficient secure and inclusive cycle parking for residents and visitors throughout Westminster and more street trees and parklets.”

The council announcement:

“1000 new secure residential cycle spaces from April 2023 to March 2024; 400 new cycle stand spaces per year – with an emphasis on areas with a high demand for visitor parking.”

Our ask on shared mobility:

“By 2026, every resident of Westminster will live within an easy distance of an electric vehicle car club and a shared cycle hub, so that most households do not need to own a car.”

The council announcement:

“A city-wide network of parking bays for rental dockless e-bikes and rental e-scooters; expansion of the TfL Cycle Hire network in North Paddington with two new sites being implemented at Maida Hill and Westbourne Green, and three proposed for Harrow Road/Bravington Road, Paddington Recreation Ground and at Shirland Road.”

Other welcome measures included five new school streets per year, 20 one-way streets to get two-way cycling, and the redesign of dangerous junctions where people walking and cycling are at risk.

Bold leadership

Credit to council leader Adam Hug and cabinet member Paul Dimoldenberg for showing this courageous leadership on climate safe streets and active travel. They are giving these important issues – which affect people’s quality of life, health, safety and the environment – the priority they deserve for the first time in the City of Westminster. They are also changing decades of inaction to build for the future, regardless of political party in power. We are here, as critical friends, to support them every step of the way.


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Parliament Square junction in Westminster