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Woman with bike at event with lots of people - LCC protest

Winter Wonder Ride!

On Sunday 16 January we had a fun and fabulous ride for women, family and friends, celebrating Westminster's protected bike lanes


This Sunday nearly 200 riders came together to showcase women and families cycling in Westminster.

A huge group of riders, mostly women and including families with children as young as three, joined us to cycle around some of Westminster’s most iconic places in the winter sunshine. A lot of thought had gone into the ‘fabulous’ dress code.

We were delighted to be joined by women including:

LCC event protest ride with people cycling

LCC protest ride with children in cargo bike

Child cycling in cycle lane at LCC protest

Woman on hand cycle on Westminster Bridge cycle lane

Join our call for safer cycling

The ride used quiet roads and segregated cycle lanes including the temporary Park Lane cycle lane installed by Transport for London. There is considerable local opposition to this safe cycleway. A consultation is coming soon on making the lane permanent – find out more here.

Both the borough of Westminster and neighbouring Kensington & Chelsea have next to no protected bike lanes on their roads. We are calling for this to change so that everyone can cycle safely – and reduce carbon emissions from our streets.

This ride brought together many brilliant women campaigners from across London and we’re thinking about how we can continue to work together to advocate for the needs of women cycling in London. Watch this space!|

Westminster Women on Wheels

Westminster woman with bike and friends - Georgia

L to R: Lesley Lau, Georgia Williams and Clare Thomas

Woman with bike

Helen Jones (dressed as Billie Samuel, who cycled from Melbourne to Sydney in 1934)

Winter Wonder Ride was the brainchild of four Westminster residents who have come together as ‘Westminster Women on Wheels’. They organised the ride with the support of Westminster Cycling Campaign and LCC staff.

Georgia Williams lives in Westminster and began cycling in the first lockdown thanks to the protected cycle lane on Park Lane. “Cycling meant I could get to work in the West End without using public transport and putting my elderly relatives at risk of infection,” says Georgia. “But I would never have got on a bike without the safety of a protected bike lane.”

Clare Thomas lives in Marylebone and has two children aged 3 and 5. She says, “The Park Lane cycle lane is invaluable to me to feel safer cycling after dark – I would never take the Hyde Park bike path at those times. I love the new segregated bike lanes in general as I feel much more confident taking my 5-year old cycling on them, in a way which still doesn’t feel as safe on a normal road or even Westminster’s quietways.”

Lesley Lau has lived in Little Venice for 11 years, but only began cycling 18 months ago. She says, “For me, a protected cycle lane is the difference between a journey which is enjoyable and stress-free and one which can makes me feel vulnerable and unsafe. I started cycling during the first lockdown and the protected cycle lanes allowed me to practise and gain confidence. Without the protected cycle lanes, I simply would not have dared to start cycling.”

Helen Jones has lived in Bayswater for 12 years and is an experienced ride leader. She says, “Leading rides in London for women made me realise how important it is, especially for women, to feel safe cycling on city streets. Protected lanes give this sense of safety, but lanes shared with motor vehicles, even Westminster’s ‘quietways’, do not.”


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Woman with green cargo bike