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Women smiling cycling on cycle lane (cycle superhighway)

Group membership

Preferential rates on LCC membership for groups of cyclists who work together.

About Group Membership

Group members are organisations that actively support their staff who cycle to work by providing access to all the advice, information, support and discounts that individual LCC members receive. It’s also available to self-organising groups of colleagues who want to form closer ties with LCC and take advantages of the reduced cost of membership for groups.


Organisation benefits

Group membership is a great way to encourage and support people more people to cycle to work, which can help create a happier, healthier, more sustainable workplace.

Your staff will have access to all the benefits that individual LCC members receive, meaning they’ll get cycling advice, information and support; free third-party insurance and legal advice; and a whole range of discounts with leading cycling brands and bikes shops across London.

Employee benefits

As a Group Member your team can access all the benefits of joining LCC as an individual, which will mean they enjoy:

  • Free third-party insurance
  • Discounts in more than 100 London bike shops
  • Free London Cyclist magazine
  • Reduced price on theft insurance
  • Legal advice and helpline in case they’re ever involved in a collision
  • Access to the LCC team for Cycling advice and information
  • Membership of their local LCC group
  • Great savings and special offers with all these brands

Find Out More

If you're interested in finding out more about Group Membership then please get in touch with our membership team.