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Cycle Buddies in the Workplace

Encourage cycling in your workplace with Cycle Buddies. Connecting new and experienced cyclists.

Cycling to work improves employee health and wellbeing, and reduces your organisation’s carbon emissions.

Cycle Buddies connects people who want support to cycle more with more experienced buddies in their local area. Buddies can then meet up and ride together – practicing a safe commute or getting exercise outdoors.

What do you want to do?

I want to encourage cycling in my workplace

Many workplaces want to promote active travel as a way to keep staff healthy and happy and to help provide a green alternative to private motor traffic or public transport. Cycle Buddies is a great way of providing free support for employees to build confidence on the bike and to learn the essentials of riding safely on the roads.

Cycle Buddies offers free support for employees to find routes and build confidence.

You can also explore LCC corporate membership packages, including workshops and support for staff.

I work for the NHS or in a hospital

Cycle Buddies puts NHS and hospital workers who want help to cycle more in touch with riders who want to help them – colleagues who are already cycling into work or local people who are confident cycling.

We work with NHS Trusts across London on staff and patient cycling projects, and we also offer discounted membership to all NHS staff. Find out more about NHS cycling work.


I work in a school. Can Cycle Buddies help?

Cycle Buddies is for people who are over 18 which makes it great for teachers and staff to build confidence and plan their bike commutes.

We can also help parents plan a route for their children through cycle buddies, although this might also be done through a free cycle training session, available from your local council. In this session the cycle trainer can take an adult and a child out, check cycle skills and plan an appropriate route. And as parent this will give you confidence that your child has the skills, or can get them with practice, to tackle the route independently.

If your school has budget for a larger programme then get in touch at cyclebuddies@lcc.org.uk and we can work out the best way to pilot something in your school.

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