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Tech in cycling

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Use your skills to improve London

We’re building a networking group for well-connected or senior technology professionals with a passion for cycling. The group will meet regularly to explore how technology can break down barriers to cycling; and discuss how their skills and connections can help fund and deliver major projects.

If you could help fundraise for us, help us make connections, and ultimately help us get some really important tech projects off the ground – we’d love to hear from you. The group will meet throughout the year at networking events – such as rides, dinners and coffee sessions – to drive projects forward and make cycling in London safer for everyone.

The group will help break down some of the barriers to cycling through technology. We will come together to discuss and share how we can use the group’s skills, resources and connections to mobilise these projects.

If you think you can help or want to know more, please email Stewart.Dring@lcc.org.uk 

Projects we are looking for help with:

Cross-borough data analysis

The Healthy Streets Scorecard uses public datasets to show the health of each borough’s streets according to nine indicators. It is run by a coalition of eight organisations interested in active travel and healthy streets, of which London Cycling Campaign is one.

In 2023, London Cycling Campaign will be leading on the development and release of the scorecard. We want to ensure these datasets are pulled together and used as effectively as possible.  For this project we will be streamlining existing datasets and creating new measures around climate change and infrastructure to help assess progress across London.

Find out more about the Healthy Streets Scorecard.

Matching new and potential cyclists

Cycle Buddies is a project that London Cycling Campaign developed during lockdown. It matches experienced people who cycle with less experienced people who want to cycle more. At the start, the matching was done by volunteers and as the programme’s success grew, we need to use technology to support the increased demand for matching. We are in the process of developing a basic website platform to match people. Once this is launched we would like to look at ways to improve the technology around this service to make the experience better.

Find out more about Cycle Buddies.

Mapping dangerous junctions

Junction are where most collisions for cyclists and vulnerable road users occur. LCC has identified the most dangerous junctions in London and is campaigning for change. We need technology for tracking and updating our list of London’s most dangerous junctions and to produce visual design solutions for them.

Find out more about our Dangerous Junctions campaign.

Mapping the barriers to a safe cycling network

We want to create a map, or a series of maps, that highlight the different blocks to creating a joined up inclusive cycle network in London. This would be a publicly available tool for campaigners to use to call for change. The ‘blocks’ could be anything from a missing dropped curb to a dangerous junction like Holborn. The aim is to use existing data feeds as well as enabling users to highlight issues. The project can be built up over time but we see the first layers of the map being around dangerous junctions based on data sets of people killed or seriously injured while cycling.

In the future for this project  we would like to develop layers that look at accessibility blocks – e.g. physical barriers that stop disabled cyclists and those using non-standard cycles. We would like to identify areas that are not suitable for cycling 24/7 e.g. through parks at night. Data would be collected and updated by volunteers – and could also be a resource for local council officers. This could also be a useful data feed for cycle route planners and make all cycle routes more useful to women and people using adapted cycles.

About LCC

LCC has been championing cycling in London for more than 40 years. From fringe activity to mainstream mode of transport, the organisation has been a guiding light, catalyst for change, and force for good in our city. With more than 10,000 members and a group of dedicated campaigners in every London borough, LCC’s reach truly spans the whole of London.

We continue to campaign for more space for cycling so everyone can cycle anywhere in London on a safe, citywide cycling network. And so we all have the opportunity to live, work, study and play in people-centred neighbourhoods with clean air and safe streets.

Looking towards 2030 our highest priority is securing Climate Safe Streets for London. The climate emergency is a generational challenge to which we all have to rise – for LCC, the task at hand is to ensure London becomes a city with zero-carbon roads and cycling at its heart.

Our Patron Network

Patron network seed-funding has enabled major LCC projects to get off the ground and given us unique access to grants, trusts and more. Our network have opened their address books; given us venue opportunities; provided speakers; chaired crucial meetings, and spoken up for what we believe in.


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